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Noise, nuisance & community safety

As everyone is spending more time at home and at times may be confined to your house and garden we're asking you to be mindful of how your activities could affect others.

You may be seeing and hearing more of your neighbours than you're used to but we're asking you to be tolerant. Everyone has more stresses and difficulties so please be patient.

We may have limitations on what we can investigate when reports of anti-social behaviour, noise, nuisance or other community safety issues are reported to us.

The latest guidance on what is allowed during coronavirus is on this page. You should check the affected council services web page for latest info on whether any services are affected other than those listed here.


Ashfield District Council are advising residents to avoid having bonfires where possible. This is due to the increased health risks as well as unpleasantness for those enjoying their gardens etc.

We understand you may have been doing work in your garden so want to have a bonfire to dispose of it, but ask you to limit this whilst the lockdown restrictions are in place.

We may take action if any bonfire you do have is considered a nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and/or ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

DIY activities

We understand you may be using this time to do jobs around your home or garden. Please be mindful of the impact it may have on your neighbours. You can always contact us if you're worried about the impact your DIY might have.

Dog barking

If you are self-isolating you may not be able to let your dogs exercise as normal and they may bark more. We are still required to investigate complaints about dogs barking and we'll try to work with the owner to improve things before we take enforcement action.

If you're worried about how much your dogs are barking and what you can do in the current circumstances contact us for advice and support.

Exercise at home

There are health benefits to exercising at home, but do be mindful of how your activity may impact on your neighbours.
We suggest you think about:

  • time of day – exercise to reasonable daytime hours
  • using weights - do not drop weights on the floor
  • avoid repetitive jumping - it can create loud noises
  • music and online classes - keep the volume down or use wireless headphones so you can listen to your workout music without disturbing others.

General living noise

You may be more sensitive to general household and living noises from your neighbours at this time.

We wouldn't normally consider this sort of noise, such as toilets flushing, use of appliances like the Hoover, or walking up and down stairs, as a problem. However, we may investigate if we think the noise may be being made maliciously, is excessive or done with intention to annoy or disrupt others.

Sound from TV, music, and gaming

Many people think you can play loud music as much as you like between 7am and 11pm - this is wrong and against the law. We'll assess all complaints about loud music, TV or gaming noise.

In the house

We ask you keep noise from your TV, gaming or music to a minimum or consider using headphones to reduce the noise further. This is particularly important in properties with adjoining walls, and flats or apartments.

In the garden

You should also keep music played in the garden to a minimum or consider the use of headphones when listening outside.

Parties and public gatherings

Gatherings should follow the latest advice from the government. This can be found on the Gov.UK website.

If you think someone is having a house party, or a gathering which is against this guidance please call the police in the first instance on 101, or 999 in an emergency.

Contact us about community safety issues

If you're experiencing nuisance or issues contact us by: 

  • telephone: 01623 457345.